Step-by-Step Guide when you are using a Windows Operating System:

2. Hover your mouse over "Trade" (Just put the mouse cursor over it, do not click it) then click on "Trading Platforms".

3. Scroll down on the page, you will see "Windows", click on "Download", alternatively, click here.

4. Click on run/open to start installing MetaTrader. 
Depending on the browser you are using, what you need to click may vary.

5. Check out the "terms and conditions", click "next" and when it finishes installing, click on "Finish". 

Please note: Once the program has installed, click finish and MetaTrader should open up automatically (Give it a few moments to load )

When MetaTrader Loads up you will to:

1. Select HeyForex-Live (Live account) or HeyForex-Demo (Demo account) then click next

2. Click on "Existing Trade Account".

3. Enter your "MetaTrader account" login details. 

4. Click "Finish".

MetaTrader will automatically load up and you will notice that you are logged in by checking the below information on the screenshot.

All you would need to do if you have not already is:


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