"Bitcoin or Debit/Credit Card" transactions usually take between "1-3 hours" (or when the transaction gets "3-6 confirmations" on the blockchain).

If the transaction goes over the above timeframe or you have noticed that there is something wrong with the information you have provided, please check the following:

- You inputted the right "Bitcoin (BTC) address". 

- The funds you tried to deposit with were "Bitcoin (BTC)" and not Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

- Checked the www.blockchain.com website. (Ensure that when you click on the transaction, it is a Bitcoin (BTC) Transaction and not Bitcoin Cash (BCH).
Check how many confirmations the transaction has had.

" Make sure that you have only used the Bitcoin address once. We will provide you with a different Bitcoin Address every transaction"

There will be a few payment statuses you will notice on the deposit page on your account when you have gone through the depositing funds process.


We would be waiting for the funds - You may need to click "Pay" which would be located next to the "deposit request" and enter your "Bitcoin (BTC) Address"


We would have declined your deposit request. You would find a reason for us declining your deposit on the deposit request.


The funds are on the Blockchain network and need to have "3-6 confirmations" which usually take "1-3 hours".


Your funds have been approved.


It would have been cancelled due to two reasons:

You have cancelled the deposit.


The deposit has timed out.

Need assistance? We are available 24/7.

You can contact us via live chat or send an email to support@heyforex.com and we can assist you further.