All you would need to do if you have not already is:
Step-by-Step Guide when you are using a MAC Operating System:

2. If you have the most recent MacOS version, Big Sur, start downloading MetaTrader by clicking on the below.

Please note: The download will not work if you have any prior versions.

3. When the file is downloaded on your system, a window will appear. Enter any relevant information such as passwords to be able to perform this step.

4. Open the MetaTrader download.

5. If prompted to install "Wine Gecko Installer", follow the guidelines and download this package for MetaTrader to operate adequately.

Please note: Once Wine has been installed, MetaTrader will pop-up on your screen.

When MetaTrader loads up you will need to: 

6. Search for HeyForex-Live (Live account) or HeyForex-Demo (Demo account).

7. Click on "Existing Trade Account".

8. Enter your login credentials which can be found from your email.

9. MetaTrader will now look like the below and you will notice that you are logged in by checking the below information on the screenshot.

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