Let’s say John and Marcus are interested in making profits from trading, however, they are not into trading activities and do not have sufficient knowledge to do so. 

Bruno on the other hand is an experienced trader and is interested in finding Investors to allocate funds to the pool for him to trade on their behalf.


Bruno (Money Manager) sets the offer to join the fund as 30%.

John (Investor) puts in $7000 – 70%

Marcus (Investor) puts in $300030% 

Therefore, $10,000 is added to the pool of funds in total.

Bruno makes a profit from a position that makes $1000 profit. The PAMM system will allocate 70% ($700) of the profits to John and 30% ($300) to Marcus. If the position ends up in a loss, the same will apply.

When charges from the offer on the fund are applied, that percentage will be taken out from the $1000 and the remaining profit will be distributed accordingly to all the Investors based on what percent they each have in the pool.

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