When setting up or accepting an offer, it is important to understand what the fees mean. Below you will find the fees available within an offer and their meaning.

Performance Fees

If the Money Manager has extensive experience and knowledge in Trading, they may generally set a Performance fee. This fee allows the Manager to earn a percentage depending on the profit income.

This fee may be tiered with different percentages costing a different fee.

For example, in the example below, a 0-50% profit return will cost the investor 10%. If the profit return is 50% or greater, the investor will need to pay 20%.

Management Fees

On the other hand, a Money Manager may opt to charge a fee simply for handling funds and trading. This is called a Management fee. Depending on the equity invested by the investor, the Manager may charge a percentage or value. Typically this fee will be decreased as the investment increases if tiered.

In the example below, when the investor would deposit $0-1000, a 15% fee is required. When the investor would deposit $1000 or more, a 10% fee is required.

Deposit Fee

This fee will take place each time funds are added into the Fund, including the initial investment.

In the example below, $0-10000 would require a 30% fee, whereas deposits from $10000 would require a 10% fee.



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