As an Investor, you can view the trades that are happening with your Money Manager by accessing the Money Manager's MetaTrader Account. 

The Money Manager would need to forward the Investor the MetaTrader's Account number as well as the Investor's password. 

These credentials will be sent via e-mail to the Money Manager upon creating the Fund. The Investor would then need to log in with the credentials given by the Money Manager. 

  1. On your MetaTrader, click "File".
  2. Click "Login to Trade Account".

  3. Insert the "Account Number" and the "Investor's Password" given by the Money Manager and type in the server name: "HeyForex-Live4". 
  4. Click "Login".

  5. You will then be able to monitor the trades by clicking the "Trade" tab in the bottom terminal of the MT4. 

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