Setting an Offer is vital for Money Managers seeing that the offer would be their source of income or charge for trading for investors. When first creating a fund, you will have a default offer that is set with no values. Therefore, you would need to create your own offer to apply your charges.

Step by Step Guide

  • Go to the Money Managers section on your PAMM Portal.
  • Click on your fund.

  • Select the Offers section.
  • Click on Create.

  • The first field will require you to add a name to your offer.
  • You can also select if you would like to make your fund Public or Private by clicking on the box.

  • You can set the Offer to be charged every day, week, month, or rollover. For example, if you would like your offer to be charged every 3 weeks, select 3 as your Trading Interval and select Weeks.

  • Select the Min Deposit - The minimum amount of money that can be deposited into a PAMM account at a time.
  • Select the Min Withdrawal - The minimum amount of money that can be withdrawn from a PAMM account at a time. Does not apply to investor account liquidation.
  • Select the Min Initial Investment - The minimum amount of initial investment to join the PAMM account.

The Performance Fees section will allow you to generate a charge depending on the percentage of profit generated. This section may be tiered and is charged by percentage.

  • In the example below, a 0-50% profit return will cost the investor 10%. If the profit return is 50% or greater, the investor will need to pay 20%.

On the other hand, a Management Fee is a fee for handling funds and is not based on any performance. This fee depends on the equity the investor has added to the fund. This section can also be tiered. 

You are also able to select if you would like to set the value as a percentage or money. In this case, it is set to percentage.

  • In the example below, when the investor would deposit $0-1000, a 15% fee is required. When the investor would deposit $1000 or more, a 10% fee is required.
  • It is ideal to lower the fee by tier to encourage investors to deposit large amounts.

Deposit fees are fees generated from "top-up" deposits. One should not confuse this with the Management fee, as that fee would be based on the initial deposit, whereas this fee would be based on the following deposits into the fund. This section can also be tiered.

  • In the example below, $0-10000 would require a 20% fee, whereas deposits from $10000 would require a 10% fee.
  • Click on Create once done.

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