After setting up a fund and offer, you may invite Investors to join your fund via link.

The link may be created whilst setting up an offer.

  1. Set up your Offer. Guidance may be found by clicking here.
  2. Click "Create" or click the "Edit" button on the existing Offer.
  3. Click on the "Join Links" section and click "Add".

  4. You may either customize your link URL or use the random one provided.
  5. You may also set an expiration date for your link or make it a one-time link.
  6. Click on "Save/Create" once done.

  7. Once your offer is set, you will see the Join Links button which will provide you with your URL.
  8. By clicking on the link, it will be copied to your clipboard.

Share this link with your investors and they will receive an invitation to join your fund with the offer selected as seen below.

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