Let's say the Money Manager has two Investors with 10,000 USD each in the Fund and the Money Manager have open positions.

One of the Investors may decide to withdraw his/her share of funds. When the rollover takes place and the withdrawal is processed, if the remaining funds are not enough to back up the ongoing positions, those positions will be stopped out. 

If this setting is enabled, the positions will start closing their lots according to the remaining share of funds. 

Example: Since the Investor took out 50% of the Fund, if the Money Manager was trading with 10 lots, the position will be halved so it will be automatically reduced to 5 lots. 

To enable this setting, you would need to:

  1. Access the "Fund".

  2. Click the "3 dots" and choose "Edit". 

  3. Tick the setting "Partially close positions before executing withdrawal requests".
  4. Click "Save".

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